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SOTW: Best computer science invention ever? "Autocorrect." -




Milena Marchan
7th grade
Chicago, IL

Milena’s story is especially inspiring because she was born without one arm, from the elbow down. This is only to say, most of her peers never even notice, as she whizzes through puzzles and problems, and has “embraced coding like no other.”


Jan 22

First Look – Measuring the Effectiveness of Brand Advertising Campaigns on Instagram -

Instagram offers brands the ability to say hello.

Smart brands will extend the Instagram experience, allowing people to be a part of each occasion as they comment and “love-up” the content.  How? Respond


We introduced ads on Instagram on November 1 and today we’re sharing results from some of our first sponsored campaigns in the home feed on mobile.

Ads on Instagram are designed to support brands focused on reaching large audiences with memorable, high quality content. We think this aligns with…

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41% of U.S. Consumers willing to make a Pri-vestment - @eMarketer

Oct 07

IBM Study: C-suite Leaders Look to Customers to Steer Business Strategy

See on - Trends: Mobile, New Media, Market Research and Collaboration

Despite expressing an unprecedented commitment to direct customer influence on their business decisions and operations, one-third of CEOs worry that the rest of the C-suite is out of touch with customers, according to a new IBM (NYSE: IBM) study.

Deanna Lawrence's insight:

Collaboration and Co-Creation…the future of business is 1to1.

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Men Are Fine With Mobile Ads if Freebies Are Included

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Young men are far more likely than the general population to have a smartphone. Smartphone usage is deeply integrated into their lives, used for social networking, browsing the Internet and shopping.

Deanna Lawrence's insight:

Mobile ads have to be worth it. In mobile there are no second chances. 

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Sep 30

Advertising’s Logged-In User Revolution Is Brewing | TechCrunch

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Native advertising may be the buzzword stealing the attention of the advertising technology landscape, though a much quieter revolution is brewing around the space: the fight for the logged-in user overtaking cookie-based advertising.

Deanna Lawrence's insight:

Key excerpt: Privacy-friendly brokers of matching the data of publishers’ logged-in ad impressions against shifts in behavior in sales.

Privacy and opt-outs are paramount to the success of these programs, setting the foundation for evaluating the impact of ad spend using mechanisms previously unavailable to advertisers.

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